"This Sundered World", the album

Recorded around the world online.
Recording Engineers: Bill Babcock, Jenny K Brennan, Jordi Ribas
Mixed and Mastered at Anjin-San by Bill Babcock

Produced by Bill Babcock
Co-produced by Jenny K Brennan

Mother spoke through blood and pain. As her failing mechanical heart lay exposed to Gabriel's helplessness, she finally told him the truth. "Go," she said, "there are people. Other people. Find them."

Gabriel's world suddenly expanded and the life he had shared with no one but his mother was a totally different world. A place that had been normality for a child growing up in the aftermath of broken technology, ecology, and universal laws, shifted into mystery that Gabriel wasn't ready for. When Gabriel met Bird, an unsuccessful clockwork guardian on the run, as it so often happens, one thing lead to another thing that made it clear that going wasn't a choice but a necessity. Gabriel had to go to the edge of the world he knew, to find out what was what.

Gabriel and Bird found themselves facing the remnants of glory gone wrong, accompanied by a dysfunctional carrier automaton, a self conscious tiny rolling drinks table, and corn.

Robbed of his ignorance and shelter, Gabriel headed out into a splintered population left in confusion and isolation.

As Gabriel went into the unknown to find guidance, he found none. They all looked for answers where there were nothing but interrupted instructions and twisted perspectives. In Gabriel however, they saw destruction and they saw salvation. Gabriel wouldn't hear of either.

He just wanted to see the end of the world.

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This Sundered World Liner Notes