"Corium", the album

Recorded around the world online.
Recording Engineers: Bill Babcock, Jenny K Brennan, Jordi Ribas
Mixed and Mastered at Anjin-San by Bill Babcock

Produced by Bill Babcock
Co-produced by Jenny K Brennan

Mother of Crow - the second book in the Sundered World Series, this novel is currently being published chapter by chapter as it is being written. Find that ongoing story at HOI Mother of Crow .

The story picks up with Frederico, a butterfly breeder in the Full Metal Monk Monastery who doesn't know what to believe anymore. There's Severin, the outcast, Mary the re-made, and a continuing trip through the sundered land. Gabriel struggles with memories and prophecies that don't add up. Mother of Crow speaks in dreams, guardians hunt for human flesh, and Gabriel wants none of it.

You can find the release on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon as well as many other online sites.

Corium Liner Notes